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Ultimately, Clearport, Inc. is a creative  consulting agency, specializing in unique brand development & authenticity, multi-sensory & experiential marketing and curating nightlife culture. Our decade of success and interesting experience is driven by infinite  curiousity and the ability to challenge & change the traditional relationship of the business world to its consumers.




  • brand building, development & messaging

  • end-to-end project management

  • content creation

  • social media strategy & organization

  • experiential campaign plans

  • brand activations & launches

  • brand partnerships 

  • multi-sensory marketing & advertising

  • logo design 

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experiential events

We design  events & nightlife experiences the way an artist paints their masterpiece. Whether it be a music festival, a ribbon cutting ceremony, opening an urban artist studio, a Hampton's summer kickoff party hosted by YesJulz, an underground hip-hop show or Slick Rick's Birthday Party, we have the imagination, the experience, the tenacity& the resources to do it.

Due to our growing influential network and long-term relationships, we often are able to synergize like-minded brands for an even wilder and attention-grabbing experience that will succeed your R.O.I. expectations. 


experiential events

content creation & social media

It's a new era for marketers. Our agency is not afraid to get a little intimate with our audiences. People crave engagement and meaningful relationships. So, we target them at a subconscious level to provoke feelings on several emotional layers and with an effective yet positive brand association.

Our content creation for social media, brand imagery or campaigns reflect

 multi-sensory marketing - the evoking of several sensations - which

allows us to dominate the value of the sound space, the significance of taste and smell & acute awareness of intangible stimulation.

Let's design the "l'eau de vie" of your brand.

artist     partnerships

We also offer art consulting services, meaning we have a small but dedicated team of designers with education and degrees in business, art history & art theory. We understand the wildly positive impact of art in the work-place. We know what art raises your business value. Do you?

To know more about our artists and who we are currently working with on projects, check out our artists page.

If you're interested in funding the arts and creative team, check out our boutique.

 If you're interested in learning more about artist management and joining  our lifestyle, or how we partner artists with brands, please get in touch! 

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