Copy of Matte Black Clearport Classic *Special Edition*  Jersey

Copy of Matte Black Clearport Classic *Special Edition* Jersey

100% soft cotton, casually elegant with an excellent quality print of the company name in a black matte text, it is an irreplaceable, everyday item, now available for everyone!

*Quick Note:
We offer this awesome jersey in a variety of options, please return to the boutique page to see the other choices.

The black on black option for this jersey is one of the most popular picks!  

Here's a quick story about how this shirt became available to the public:

This shirt was originally designed for Clearport's internal staff only and sort of became a casual uniform, especially during the design phase of the boutique merch. However, after a while we began to notice models we work with started asking for them at shoots; clients began complimenting them when seeing staff, and eventually even our IG fanbase asked if they were for sale when we would share some of our Look Book photos on our stories.

After some consideration, we decided that the shirt should be gifted as part of our Initiation & Welcome Package endowed to any new client, artist, model, influencer (& etc.,) that we break bread with.

Although we like the idea of having a "members only /  need to know" vibe, we figured since this shirt seems to be a such a classic, we'd now make it available for a limited time for all our audiences and at a price everyone would be able to afford.

In other words...
Welcome to the family!

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