aKa 913 is a wild card originally from Brooklyn but now hails from P.A. His body of work is a collateral imperfection of transience realities, ringing with overtones of psychedelic hyper mania.


His paintings is the opening of Pandora's Box within each one of us and using us as a chaos agent forced to find a balance as our world swallows itself. 


Heavily inspired by the Japanese aesthetic and the psychedelic revolution Wabi-Sabi emphasizes us to re-visit the immanent frontier of reality as a hallucinogenic hyper-realism reflection of art.

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Twentyn One


Since 2017 when he first started appearing on IG, Clearport's Creative Director took a liking to him and fostered the relationship. 21's  graphic designs are poignant modern icons and faux brand logos that drip with satire and a bit of that cool French brush-off.  His body of work examines how luxury, materialism and brands saturate all parts of our lives becoming its own entity within culture itself. There's heavy streak of street influence and nuances of modern hip-hop. Without ever having to spell it out for us, 21 exploits modern brand culture with a dark sense of humor,  perhaps as if to say "Après moi, le déluge." 


Bonbonnes de gaz, paquets de clopes, grosses cylindrées : les objets, situations qui rythment nos vies de millennials sont revisités à la sauce cynisme comme tout autant de métaphores autour de la street culture, de la consommation et du bling-bling surjoué, s'inscrivant à la perfection dans la tendance et l’attitude trap actuelle.

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"This, then, is what I mean in calling J.F.K. a vital artist: the rush of feeling when viewing the art is electrifying. From simple sketches or doodles to full illustrations, paintings  and photography,  It unreservedly forces us into barreling into the dark spaces from which we, in our daily lives, uneasily slither away from. Driven by demons, some of the art seems to momentarily cast the devils off, as if so viewers may find some uncanny analogue of their own horrors through the work."


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