Clearport is a boutique business consulting agency that specializes in branding and marketing services for niche market industries. Founded in New Orleans and with offices in Miami and operating mainly now out of New Jersey, our process relies on the strength of creativity, understanding different models of businesses and at our core - the concept of having an infinite curiosity and following it.

From non-profits to well known hip hop labels and their artists, we are known for executing one of a kind campaigns and projects that has given us our extensive and variety-filled client portfolio. 

our story

Gil Francis, a Cornell graduate with a background is in hospitality, business consulting, event management and underground poker, began Clearport after moving to New Orleans. In his early 20s, he was the only black bar owner in the French Quarter and quickly got noticed by business owners and creatives.


Operating mainly out of his restored bath-house turned bar, The Recovery Room, Francis spent a few years using his variety of skills by freelance business / creative consulting for the South's hip-hop industry & independent labels, putting on large-scale events & productions at famous venues and marketing for local companies. 

Finally deciding to mesh all of his business backgrounds, Clearport Inc. was founded and launched. 

some of our clients include

meet the team

gil portrait.png

Francis, G.

Junior Managing Partner and Sr. Marketing Director

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Duncan, Victor

CEO & Senior Partner & President of Board of Dir.  

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Ritter, J.

Creative Department Head & Senior Project Manager

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curiosité infinie

clearport inc. campaign for black lives matter 2020 featuring Imani, clearport model from New Brunswick

While our motto is infinite curiosity, our belief is that every part of your life should be an experience. That is our definition of luxury lifestyle and we shape our professional lives through action, curiosity and sensation. Our lifestyle also reflects the market niches we work in. Read more about it here.

Expertise 01.

Our team members have wildly different professional backgrounds, making our agency a powerhouse of great minds, strategic thinking and an ongoing evolution of creative processes. 

From visual artists to business & Ivy-league graduates, our client discussions are met with fervor and never short on strategies and ideas for brands. 

We own the night


Clearport Lifestyle

Activists by choice, creatures of the night by nature and rebels with causes, Clearport is often referred to as the originators of nightlife. 

Working with clubs in like Libation, Plumm, Hudson Terrace, and Marquee in NYC and House of Blues, The Howling Wolf and Retox in NOLA, our reputation and lifestyle became embedded in urban culture and subculture, fashion, luxury lifestyles, hospitality, art, hip-hop and sexual liberation.


Culture & Entrepreneurship 03.

The life-long practice of advocating for more has given our founder a Promethean outlook in both personal and business relationships. From the position of always having to fight more than one battle, the staff at Clearport is trained to excel in turning opposition into opportunity, challenging defiance, problem solving and coming up with creative business solutions. 

As a black-owned business, we understand the crucial importance of  economic advancement of minority or ethnic entrepreneurship

Although hyper-aware of the never-ending challenges attached to  being minority-owned, we have the advantage of understanding and also utilizing those cultural provocations.  

Our belief also relies on funding the arts and humanities which means integrating businesses and brands into an authentic part of culture. We work with urban and rising artists all over the world and often pair them with brands so that we are funding our own creatives locally while executing one of a kind experiences for our clients and their audiences

Risk Takers 04.

The business value of curiosity is what allows our agency's entrepreneurs to build such solid, long-term client relationships, to increase our industry acumen and expertise, to articulate concepts, thoughts and communicate clearly, to thinking way...way outside the box (really, for us, there is no "box"), and to compose meaningful business solutions. 

All of our endeavors are carefully calculated, backed by deep analytical and opposition research, a knowledge of corporate intelligence and an understanding of your brands vision and goals. Our projects are executed strategically and when we establish your brand's dominant market position. We of

We take risks. We get results. 


Post working with Clearport, our Miami artist and concierge, Le Creep, posing at Basel with Jeezy after being commissioned by the rapper for a personal graffiti mural (2018).