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We are a 360 degree creative marketing agency with a background in business consulting, event curation and hospitality. With over a decade of experience, our process relies on hard work, adaptability and an infinite curiosity of the world. From Fortune 500 companies to independent, local businesses we always find a new way for brands to have a voice in the modern world. 

Branding Services

As brand culture evolves, it should be remembered that authenticity, stimulating content and intimacy are factors consumers are craving. And  that's where we come in.

Our approach is always experiential and multi-pronged to allow as much intimacy for the consumers to the company as possible. Marketing for a variety of clients has given us a skeleton closet full of encounters with different businesses infrastructures, procedures and most importantly,  people.  Now after ten years, we have decided to service a specific segment or concentration of industries. We never say no to helping  businesses we can alighn values with, but this year we are concentrating more on companies like automotive brands, hospitality & luxe industries, CBD & Cannabusiness, Live Events, Adult Novelties & Entertainment and artists.

experiential events

Ten years of opening up nightclubs in NYC and NOLA, managing shows for hip-hop artists, working with non-profits, consulting for national festivals, curating galleries and working directly with artists has given us expansive experience in  event designing.

From concept to execution, Clearport offers end-to-end project management and post-mortem reports, back-end financial consulting, artist or brand partnerships and our personal favorite specialty: creating the nightlife. 

Tropical Elephant's Ear Leaf

content creation &

social media management

Every marketing article you read will tell you that storytelling and content creation is the "key" to success. What they don't mention is that genuine, modern storytelling with effective results push boundaries. It's not just about having an aesthetic following a color palette and product photography with similar themes. 

Our creative team follows the philosophy of "show don't tell."  Our use of multi-sensory marketing in conjunction with an integration of the Clearport lifestyle permits us to produce content in multiple media formats (videos, interviews, behind the scenes, contests / giveaways, pop-up events, art, music, photo-shoots with influencers, events, etc) and an   authentic array of candid and curated content for our multi-sensory campaigns. Our content is always exciting and always catches the eye and the attention of our targeted audiences.

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